Protocol COVID

Barcelona Triathlon by Santander

Health prevention protocol

The race will comply with all preventive measures against covid-19 contagion.

In the exit drawers the distance of 1.5m between runners will be maintained, the maximum capacity will be 100 people for each exit.

The infrastructures will have been disinfected before the test.

The organizational staff will have been previously trained and informed of the preventive measures.

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be available to participants.

The mask will be mandatory before the start of the race and on arrival.

The organization will distribute them among the participants upon arrival, for the departure they must bring it.

Once given the exit, it is forbidden to throw the mask on the floor, both at the beginning and along the route. The runner must keep it and on arrival will deposit it in suitable containers and be replaced by a new one.

There will be no refreshment posts in the race. The organization will offer all services to the athlete, respecting current health regulations. As a novelty this year, the organization will deliver a drum that has been recovered from a cycling test suspended during 2020 as a result of the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2. The Barcelona City Council, according to the reuse criteria, has considered it advisable to use this material produced for another purpose, so that it does not become a waste. We thank the ETIXX brand for its collaboration in the conservation of the environment.

Participants must bring the drum to the bike to be able to hydrate during the cycling segment and we recommend taking it by hand to hydrate during the time invested in the race on foot.

The staff of the organization will ensure at all times to avoid crowding and mass concentration of people, will control the capacity and compliance of the rules by the participants.